2016- 2017 Policies

• A $25 non-refundable registration fee per student, registration recital 2010card and signed waiver must accompany your student in order to ensure your child a space in their desired class.
• Tuition: Tuition remains the same regardless of absences, holidays, weather cancellations, and/or recital dates. Tuition is due during the 1st week of each month and late after the 10th of the month regardless of weekends, cancellations, or holidays. After the 10th an additional $5.00 late fee will be assessed. Your first payment is due the first week of class, and your last payment is due the first week in May. No refund is given for classes missed, but one can make up a lesson in a similar class.
• Costume fees: A $75.00 costume deposit is due the first week in October per class. The first week in December the remaining balance is due if there is one. No costume will be ordered without a costume deposit.
• Recital fee: A $25.00 recital fee per child is due the first week in recital 2012 5April. You will receive 2 tickets per child. All payments must be paid prior to Recital in order for your child to participate.
• There is a basket placed on the table in the Lobby for monthly fees. This will eliminate class interruptions. Please only place checks in this basket with your child’s name on the memo and what you are paying for written on the check. All cash payments must be handed to the teacher. Copies of your statements are available upon request.
• Studio opens 15 minutes before 1st class of the day begins. Please stay with your child until class begins. Please don’t drop your child off any earlier than 15 minutes before their scheduled class. Teachers come early to prepare for their classes.
• Late Arrivals / Absences: Students should arrive on time for their scheduled Dance class and dressed in their proper Dance attire. This is very important to help keep all the Studio classes running smoothly. After completion of their scheduled class, all students must wait inside the Studio for their Parents to pick them up. (No waiting outside of the Studio). Also please be prompt when picking up your child.2014 emma and mary payton
• Please notify your Instructor if your child will be absent for an extended period of time. It makes it very difficult to choreograph dances for his or her class when students aren’t present for an extended time period. If for whatever reason that it becomes necessary for a student to withdraw from our Dance program, please notify your instructor, we may be able to help.
• Please adhere to Studio Dress Code (See Dress Code section)
• No smoking in or outside of the studio building.
• No street shoes on the dance floors.
• No eating or chewing of gum in the dance floor area. Only water bottles are allowed in the studio.
• No prolonged observing of classes as it tends to distract and hinder the learning process. We will have a “parent day” in December where you will get an opportunity to observe your child in class.
• All rules for the recital must be followed. (Recital rules will be posted at a later date).
• If inclement weather occurs, we will follow the same schedule as the Public Schools. Classes cancelled due to inclement weather will be made up in a similar class. Holidays are also usually the same schedule as the public schools. Please follow us on face book or our website for up to date information and scheduling. Also call (910)754-8281 for updates on our answering machine, when necessary notes will be posted on the studio side entrance door.