Class Information

HPIM0250Since Ballet is the foundation and basis for all types of dance, all students should take Ballet.  This is where real technique, balance, grace, poise and discipline are learned which enables skill development in all other types of dance. This makes Ballet a necessity!

Private lessons are available for students who need help in a certain area for a specific length of time, or for the advanced student who needs a greater challenge. Private lessons are also for the very dedicated and serious dancer. Any student wishing to take private lessons must be enrolled in a regular scheduled class. There will not be a recital dance for private lessons.

recital 2012 a (2)Appropriate class levels and scheduled times will be discussed and determined with each individual student when you sign up. Your instructor will make the final decision on your child’s placement in their desired classes.

In order to ensure your child’s place in the desired classes, please sign up as soon as possible. Class size is limited in number! After costumes are ordered classes will be closed out.

2016 & 2017 Classes & Class Length

3 to 5 year olds
Pre-Ballet/Tap/Tumbling 45 min
recital 13 ePre-school class is a combination class of ballet, tap and tumbling designed to introduce young children to the fundamental techniques of dance. Class gives your child the opportunity to learn about each subject, while learning appropriate terms for steps. Class designed to help children gain self-confidence, create imagination, improve coordination and rhythm.

Kindergarten to 1st Grade
Ballet/Tap (K-1) 45 min
Ballet class designed to introduce barre work and across the floor combinations. Class designed to help with grace. Tap class teaches students to develop musicality, rhythm and coordination while creating sound clarity and percussion with their feet.

1st and 2nd Grade
Ballet/Tap (Beginner 1) 45 min
Beginner 1 introduces more barre work and more advanced tap steps. Concentration is on precise technique, alignment and placement of the body.

recital 2013 b2nd and 3rd Grade
Ballet/Tap (Beginner 2) 60 min
Jazz (Beginner 2) 45 min
Beginner 2 begins with exercises at the barre to develop strength and control. Students will practice primary tap exercises adding more difficult combinations as they progress. Students are introduced to Jazz for the first time. Jazz is an energetic class with lots of jumping, gliding and turning!

3rd and 4th Grade
Ballet (Beginner 3) 45 min
Tap (Beginner 3) 45 min
Jazz (Beg. 3) 45 min
Beginner 3 students continue to develop strength and control in ballet and add more difficult steps in tap. Ballet class has more across the floor variations and grande allegro combinations. Jazz class includes a warm up with stretching exercises, muscle isolation exercises, floor stretching and flexibility training.

4th and 5th Grade
Ballet (Intermediate 1) 45 min
Jazz (Inter.1) 45 min
Tap (Inter. 1) 45 min
Students have advanced to intermediate level where barre work is the focus. Combinations and turns are a priority along with correct technique. Time steps are taught in this tap class. Jazz class adds harder dance combinations across the floor and center floor.

6th and 7th Grade
Ballet/Pre-Pointe (Inter. 2) 60 min
Jazz/ Hip-Hop (Inter. 2) 45 min
Tap (Inter. 2) 45min
Ballet is one of the most challenging subjects, yet the most rewarding class for a student. It requires focus and discipline. Pre-pointe exercises are added to prepare students for pointe, along with more precise movements, elaborate gestures and poses. Jazz class starts with a full body warm up and a continuation of stretching, muscle isolations and flexibility training. Dance combinations across the floor and in the center become more advanced. Tap combinations become increasingly more difficult and turn steps are added.

P10105827th and 8th Grade
Ballet/Pre-Pointe (Inter. 3) 60min
Jazz/Hip –Hop (Inter. 3) 45min
Lyrical (Jr. High/High) 45min
Tap (Jr. High/High) 45min
Intermediate 3 is a continuation of Intermediate 2 but now Lyrical is introduced. Lyrical is a fusion of ballet and jazz dance. It is primarily based in ballet with emphasis on balance and control, but enjoys the freedom of movement and style related to jazz. Lyrical choreography is commonly set to popular music. The movement of the dancer interprets the emotion of the song. Classes consist of warm up stretch, isolation and floor work, across the floor exercises, and dance combinations. This is a very dynamic and expressive dance.

8th Grade and up
Ballet/Pointe (Advanced) 60min
Jazz/Hip-Hop (Adv.) 60min
Lyrical (Jr. High/High) 45min
Tap (Jr. High/High) 45min
Advanced classes are for the more advanced students. Ballet and Jazz classes are lengthened to allow more time to perfect steps. Pointe shoes may be worn with the teacher’s permission in the Ballet/Pointe class.

sondance 2012Liturgical Class (Ages 8 and up)
Liturgical class does not start until the first week in October. Students must be enrolled in a technique class in order to take this class. We worship at local beach services and churches through dance and also dance in the recital. Liturgical dance is a combination of ballet, lyrical and modern styles done to Christian music.

Stretch, Strengthening, Leaps and Turns Class (Ages 8 and up)
This class will help students learn properly how to stretch to achieve maximum flexibility.  It will be a class where students will use their own bodyweight to strengthen themselves for better balance and power in their dancing.  It will also be where they learn all the jumps, leaps, and turns that they will use throughout the year in thorough explanations to alleviate confusion in traditional classes.

Pointe class requires solid, consistent ballet training and is for the students who are highly dedicated to dance. Participation in pointe class is by instructor referral only. A doctor will need to examine the student’s feet to make sure they are physically ready for pointe before one can take this class. A separate ballet class is required in addition to the pointe class. Not all ballet students go “en pointe”. This will not affect a student’s ability to excel in dance.

Modern dance is different from classical ballet. It has less stress on the feet and uses this as the primary catalyst for dance movements. It, instead, puts stress on the torso employing such elements as contact-release, floor work, fall and recovery, and improvisation. It is usually performed in bare feet, often with non-traditional costuming. Modern dance is for the advanced dancer that has a good understanding of their body placement.

Advanced “Creative Choreography/Improvisation”
This class is for the very dedicated and advanced student. This class will consist of how to choreograph a dance, improvisation techniques and teaching skills to help pursue ideas for college and beyond. It will help develop and challenge the dancer to a deeper understanding into the art of choreography and how dance is more than just movement. The student must be enrolled in a regular scheduled technique class. Participation in this class is by instructor referral only.

Hip Hop Class (for Junior High School students and up)
A freestyle way of movement performed to hip hop music that will include a wide range of popular and energetic choreography.